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2017-2018 VRC In The Zone Season

This season marks the third year that Sandy Creek has participated in competitive VEX robotics. VEX robotics gives students at Sandy Creek an opportunity to apply what they have learned in all of their academic classes in a practical way that is exciting and competitive! Sandy Creek is a small town in northern Oswego county in upstate New York. We are a rural community with a total population of less than 4,000. We are best known for our annual snowfall of 240.3+ inches!


The Team

Logan Hatch - Designer/Mechanic/Driver

Logan is a third year [Co.R.E.] member. Logan is not only a builder, but also a designer and driver. He has attended the Vex World Championships in Kentucky for two consecutive seasons with the [Co.R.E.] team.

Logan Hatch

Alex Olin - Designer/Mechanic/Driver/Coder

Alex is a second year [Co.R.E.] member. Not only does he deal with the physical robot itself, he helps to program the brain of the robot. Alex contributes greatly to the design process and production of the robot. He is very attentive to detail when making sure the robot is in tip-top shape.

Alex Olin

Margery Yousey - Head Coder

Margery is also a second year [Co.R.E.] member. She is a strategist, and the head coder of the team. Not only does she make sure the robot is running smoothly, but she continuously writes (and perfects) countless lines of code. Marge has led the team to win numerous matches with her outstanding coding skills.

Margery Yousey

Emily Ward - Head Scout/Mechanic/Artist

Emily is a second year [Co.R.E.] member. Emily helps to get information about other teams so [Co.R.E.] can perform well at our competitions. She also helps to make sure the bot is in top condition, whether it be at practice or at a competition. Emily also helps to record ideas and events in the team notebook.

Emily Ward

Garrett LaPointe - Designer/Mechanic/Driver

Garrett is a second year [Co.R.E.] member. He is an all-around help to the team in any field needed. Garrett helps to get information about other teams, touch-up the bot, design a bot, and lead a team. He helps to make sure the robot is performing to the best of its ability.

Garrett LaPointe

Ashleigh Rosenbaum - Designer/Mechanic/Driver

Ashleigh is a second year [Co.R.E.] member. Ashleigh is a tremendous help to the team, between tweaking the bot, recording the day’s events, prototyping robots, and helping to code. She helps to ensure none of the official rules of Vex Robotics are broken, from the physical features of the bot, to field play. Ashleigh is also a flexible member of the team; she can assist in any field wherever help may be needed.

Ashleigh Rosenbaum

Jessica Graham - Builder/Designer/Coder

Jessica is a first year [Co.R.E.] member. She works hard in practice making prototypes to increase her understanding of robotics. Jessica does whatever she can to help anyone on the team. She has great contributions when it comes to designing the robot. She continues to prove that her knowledge of robotics is constantly growing.

Jessica Graham

Alexia Phillips - Builder/Designer/Artist

Alexia is a first year [Co.R.E.] member. Alexia also spends her practices building prototypes to further understand robots. She has contributed greatly to the building of many parts of bots fielded at competitions. She helps to fine-tune the robot around the clock. Alexia has shown great understanding of robots, which is continuing to grow rapidly.

Alexia Phillips

Sadie Lurcock - Head Journalist/Strategist

Sadie is a first year [Co.R.E.] member. Sadie devotes most of her practice to writing down all of the events of the day and what each member did. Not only does she record with words, but she is constantly snapping pictures of new prototypes and the team working.

Sadie Lurcock

Hailey McNitt - Builder/Designer/Driver

Hailey is a first year [Co.R.E.] member. Hailey typically spends her practices making prototypes and inspecting the robot. She is always eager to help build, and contributes greatly in any field. Hailey’s knowledge of robotics is constantly growing.

Hailey McNitt

Kendra Poyneer - Coder

Kendra is a first year [Co.R.E.] member. During practice, Kendra is constantly learning about new coding rules and techniques. Kendra helps to refine code and create code. She is continuously learning more and more about coding each day.

Kendra Poyneer

Crystal Palmer - Journalist/Artist

Crystal is a first year [Co.R.E.] member. Crystal draws the robot for the notebook. Crystal has made many intricate, detailed drawings of the robot from multiple points of view. Each drawing is proportional, to scale to the robot.

Crystal Palmer