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Sandy Creek Central School District

Sandy Creek Central School District

Student Registration

Registration of students new to the District takes place in the guidance office of the Sandy Creek High School located at 124 Salisbury Street, Sandy Creek.

K-12 Registration packets are available in the guidance office and the PK Registration packets are available in the Elementary Main Office. You may also download the necessary forms below. Families new to the District should register their child/children as soon as possible.

Included in the packet for registration of your student you will find the following documents:

Required Forms
Athletic Participation Form
Family Income Survey
Home Language Questionnaire (HLQ)
Medicaid Consent
Registration Form
Residency Questionnaire
Student Racial and Ethnic Identification Form
Technology Use Policy
Transportation Form
Additional Forms
Dental Health Certificate
School Based Health Center Enrollment
Please be advised that documentation of age must be provided before your student can start school. If the birth certificate is NOT available, a record of baptism giving the date of birth or a passport (including a valid foreign passport) may be used to determine a child's age.
The school district may consider other documentary or recorded evidence in existence two years or more to determine a child's age. Examples of other such evidence are as follows, including, but not limited to:

• Official driver's license
• State or other government issued identification
• School photo identification with date of birth
• Consulate identification card
• Hospital or health records
• Military dependent identification card
• Documents issued by federal, state or local agencies
• Court orders or other court issued documents
• Native American tribal document
• Records from non-profit international aid agencies and voluntary agencies.

In addition to proof of age, this school district requires documentation of residency* within our district. Such documentation establishing residency may include, but shall not be restricted to:
• A copy of a residential lease or proof of ownership of a house or condominium, such as a deed or mortgage statement
• A statement by a third-party landlord or owner
• Pay stub, income tax form or utility bills with address
• Driver's license, learners permit or non-driver identification
• State or government issued identification

* Residency means domicile. It requires both one's physical presence as an inhabitant and the intention to reside within the district. Physical presence alone as well as mere ownership of property within the district does not establish residency status. If there is a question as to residency the Board of Education and/or their designee determines whether a child is a resident entitled to attend the schools of its district.


Do you suspect abuse or maltreatment?
Contact: OCFS website
Call our Statewide Toll Free Telephone Number: 1-800-342-3720
If you are deaf or hard of hearing, call TDD/TTY at 1-800-638-5163 or have your Video Relay System provider call 1-800-342-3720
If you believe that a child is in immediate danger, call 911 or your local police department.