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Sandy Creek Central School District

High School

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Maureen Shiel

Maureen Shiel

Interim High School Principal
(315)-387-3445 ext. 1910

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Linda White

Linda White

High School Secretary
(315)-387-3445 ext. 1910

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Dear Sandy Creek Families,

I am happy to be serving as the Interim Principal for the high school until further notice. I am familiar with most of the teachers, staff and many of the students. I also know the day to day routines, policies, and procedures at the high school. I am getting to know the remainder of the students who are new or were in the middle school when I retired. My plan for the high school is that it will function as it has been with minimal disruption.

Third quarter just started and second quarter grades went home less than two weeks ago. I would like to remind parents that many teachers are willing to stay after school on Tuesday and Thursday to help students until 4:15 PM. We also have the Wednesday After School Program for any high school student that needs help. It begins at 3:30 and ends at 6:00 PM and buses are available to take students home.

If you have any questions or concerns, I am available at or at (315) 387-3445 x1910.

Sincerely yours,
Maureen Shiel

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