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Sandy Creek Central School District

Middle School

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Carolyn Shirley

Carolyn Shirley

Middle School Principal
(315)-387-3445 ext. 1910

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Linda White

Linda White

Middle School Secretary
(315)-387-3445 ext. 1910

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Dear Sandy Creek Middle School Families,
It is with great pleasure to welcome our students back to school for the start of the 2018-19 school year at Sandy Creek Middle School. The faculty and staff are busy preparing the school and classrooms for our students. I am looking forward to getting caught up with our returning students, sharing our stories of summer, and meeting our newest 6th graders.

Our goal in the middle school is to provide a solid foundation for our students' future success in high school and beyond. Although children must be knowledgeable when they graduate, they must also be healthy, engaged, responsible, and caring people (Covey, 2017). Through The Leader in Me, or LEAD at the middle school, we will continue to support our students in discovering their unique strengths/gifts and provide opportunities for leadership. This year your child will have the opportunity to serve on various action teams, such as recycling, celebrations, ambassadorships, community service, and more. Students will also learn how to set academic and personal goals and monitor their progress by utilizing their leadership notebook.

I am often asked how parents can support LEAD. Parents can start by using the 7 Habits language at home (click more information). By hearing the same language at home and at school, you send a message to your child that we are all on the same team-the team that wants all students to succeed. With your support, the sky is the limit!
The ability to read is a vital skill in being able to function in today's society. Reading is how we discover new things, expand our imagination, and develop a positive self-image. With this in mind, all our students in grades 6-8 will focus on a common, Wildly Important Goal, which is to improve their skills in reading. All of our students will set personal goals to improve in this area.

Being a LEAD school has also inspired our staff to re-energize Open House. This year, in place of the traditional Open House, we are planning a Celebration of Learning on October 25th. Our middle school students will be sharing with parents what they are learning and leading demonstrations, along with other planned activities. This is all about the students, and we want them to have the opportunity to shine. We are really excited about this new endeavor.

We recognize that family support and communication significantly contributes to the success of our students and we look forward to continuing that partnership. Parents may contact me or their teachers via email, phone calls, or prearranged conferences.
Take every moment left of the summer to relax and enjoy all that our area offers. I look forward to seeing all of our students in school on September 5th.

Carolyn M. Shirley
Proud Principal of
Sandy Creek Middle School

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