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Sandy Creek Central School District

First Quarter Awards at Sandy Creek Elementary School

Fifth grade leadership awards were presented to Lola Tessier, Maddenleigh Soluri and Brody Pecha for the first quarter of the year.
Fifth grade leadership awards were presented to Lola Tessier, Maddenleigh Soluri and Brody Pecha for the first quarter of the year.
November 19th, 2018 by Lani Camp, Public Relations

Sandy Creek Elementary School held their first quarter Character Awards ceremony where students were honored for exhibiting the character traits promoted by the Leader in Me. The students were recognized in two ceremonies: those in Kindergarten to grade two and grades three through five, by Principal Tim Filiatrault. Parents and family members were invited to witness the students recognition.

The following students were honored for habit #1: Be proactive ’ Colton Bushie, Peyton Clark, Dylan Ashby, Helen Harris, Alyvia Brown, Lydia Rudd, Lana Grace Burns, Levi McNitt, Bronwyn McCarthy, Harper Fahnestock, William Poyneer, JazMarie McGrath, Nina Hackett, Lincoln McNitt, Deven Lando, Noah Yerdon, Trenton Sedler, Penelope LeFevere-Paro, Landon Swarthout, Ian Hanley, Autumn Trumble, Leyona Brown, Autumn Phillips and Jase Howard.

Habit #2: Begin with the end in mind ’ Natalie Nemier, Even Haynes, Emily Mintoyne, Elizabeth Kubacki, Zeydan Johnson, Lola Tessier, Nicholas Anderson and Lylie Wall.

Habit #3: Put first things first ’ Sarah Hackett, Maiah Owen, Dominick Moulton, McKenzie McGrath, Zoey Brown, Colton Falso, Maddi McGrath, Grayson Erhardt, Bradley Brown, Harrison Zimmermann, Morgan Mears, Josiah Radley, Emma Gibbons, Cooper Hitchcock, Makayla Spearance, Cadence Katsoris, Ripleigh Losert, Gabriella Peter and Danielle Connors.

Habit #4: Think win-win ’ Phoebe Preston, Noah Dingman, Allison Heft, Haidyn Soluri, Chase Lasell, Elliott Bremm, Ryan Wilson, Kyle Coe and Jamaal Nemier.

Habit #5: Seek first to be understand, then to be understood ’ Natalia McNitt, Emma Sue Euler, Caitlyn Guevara, Adelle Harris, Kendra Friot, Maddenleigh Soluri, Rowlan Stanton and Burke Harvey.

Habit #6: Synergize ’ Brooklynn Loomis, Christopher Williamson, Ronnie Mullin, MaKenna Montieth, Maddie Coe, Hudson Hunt, Kemper Babcock, Layton Gibbs, Malaya Caufield, Madison Burton, Brody Pecha and Hayden Martin.

Habit #7: Sharpen the saw ’ Jase Soluri, Phoenicia Hathway and Conner DeMott.

A special leadership award was presented to three fifth graders who were nominated by their peers for showing leadership skills and the seven habits. Nominations were read by students as the names were announced. Leadership awards were given to Brody Pecha, Maddenleigh Soluri and Lola Tessier.

In addition to the first quarter awards, a special attendance award was presented to the grade level who had the highest percentage for the months of September and October. For grades K-2, the second grade students earned the highest attendance for both months (Sept. 97.31%; Oct. 97.3%) and for grades 3-5, the fifth grade did the same, earning highest attendance for September (98.1%) and October (98.16%). The grades will display outside of their rooms a special certificate that advertises the outstanding attendance percentage.

Photos from the ceremony can be found on the district Facebook page.

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