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Monday April 22nd, 2024
Sandy Creek Central School District

Sandy Creek Central School District

Best-Selling Author Visits Sandy Creek

Best-Selling Author Visits Sandy Creek cover photo
November 16th, 2022 by Jordan Finnerty

Award-winning author Dusti Bowling recently visited Sandy Creek Elementary to speak to students about her life and journey as a writer.

Bowling, best known for her book Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, delivered an inspiring presentation to students, as well as met with them and signed their books.

"I use my own life experiences and surroundings as the creative basis for a lot of my books," said Bowling. "Many of the themes and ideas in my books come from things I have experienced or encountered in my own life."

In addition to her presentation, Bowling also held an extensive Q&A session with students, in which she answered questions about her favorite book she's written, the many aspects of the writing and publishing process, and how the Sonora Desert in Arizona inspires much of her writing.

"We're so thankful that Dusti was able to come meet with our students," said Librarian Rachel Allen. "So many of our students love her books, and being able to meet the author who writes them was such a special experience for them."